Cluster style,Spiral Pattern. Balloons are helium-filled.

8 ft (in photo) $95* each

6 ft.....$78.60 each

10 ft......$127.80 each

* As low as $66.00 when using the Team of Two, 400 balloon plan. That's $8.25 per foot!!!

Column, Cluster-style, with Starburst Topper

Long skinny balloons, twisted in the center form a Starburst...24 spokes add $24.50 each.

Price depends on the column "base" height.
On the left (blue/purple/white): 6 ft base.
On the bottom: 2.5, 3.5, & 8 ft

Column, Cluster-style, with Jumbo Topper















Top left, 6 ft column with jumbo round 36" topper $106.80 ea.
Top right, 8 ft column with a jumbo round 36" Topper $123.20 ea.
Bottom Left, 8+ ft column, Heart-shape 36" Topper $115.75 ea.
Bottom Right, 6 ft column, Star-shape 36" Topper $99.35 ea.

Column, Cluster-style, with Long Skinny Topper

20 long skinny balloons are not twisted in half, they are left long and are $38.50 ea. Starburst above are 12 twisted in half and are $24.50 each. As pictured on top of an 8 ft. column, they are $133.50 each and add delivery & sales tax. When using the Team of Two, 400 balloon package plan, they can be as low as $104.50 each.

Column, Cluster-style, air-filled Garland

These balloons are air-filled. When balloons are air-filled they do not float upright. And air-filled balloons last longer than helium...about a week or more really nice :). This is a 6 ft. length with a starburst Topper. Our Customer saved money by installing them himself. $81.60 each and add for delivery & sales tax.

Column, Cluster-style, with Squiggles

This 8 ft. column has 12 squiggle embellishments. 12 squiggles for $33.00 makes this column $128.00. As low as $99.00 each when using the Team of Two, 400 balloon decorating plan.


Palm Trees, Pineapple, Bowling Pin, and Baby Bottle

Palm Trees....$115.50 each

Pineapple......$158.50 each

Bowling Pin....$140.10 each as low as $95.03 when using Team of Two 400 balloon plan.

Baby Bottle....$80.95 each