Links to albums on Facebook

Links to albums on Facebook

-how to see photos of our work | 2/22/2015

We have hundreds of photos of our work on Facebook. It's just easier to upload photos to this site. Here is a list of links so you can find what you're looking for. If you become frustrated, email me and I will send you the links I would suggest. This list is also on the Decorating Link above in our Banner: Our email address:

"Alice in Wonderland" ~ Daddy/Daughter Dance

Baby Shower ~ Really NICE

Baby ~ Gender Reveal

Baby Naming ~ MAYA

Baby Shower ~ Zumba theme

Theme ~ Baby

Balloon Drops, Release

Big Bouquets

Candy theme ~ Homecoming

Cartoons ~ What's Up Doc-uments?

Cartoons ~ Sculptures

Theme: Casino

Casino theme ~ Prom

Casino theme ~ Company Dinner‚Äč

Casino theme ~ 70th Birthday

Christmas ~ Balloon Column with Santa Head

Christmas ~ Balloon Sculptures

Christmas ~ Fundraising Dinner.Construct A Kids

Christmas, Winter ~ Balloon Party Decorations

Theme: Circus

Clouds ~ Annual Awards @ Randolph AFB

Theme: Fiesta

Fire and Ice ~ Homecoming

Fireworks ~ Parade in Castroville

Theme: Flower

Easter ~ San Antonio Country Club


Grand Openings

Grand Opening ~ PEER 1

Fall and Thanksgiving

Halloween Decorations

Halloween ~ Six Flags

Theme: Hollywood

Hollywood theme ~ Health Fair @ VIA

Hot Air Balloons

Jungle ~ Balloon Palm Trees

Theme ~ Mardi Gras, Masquerade

Mardi Gras theme ~ Quinceanera.Parr Officer's Club

M S Valero Bike

Theme: Tropical
Fun in the Sun - Tropical

Names and Numbers

Name: MAYA

Surprise Birthday for GEORGE

Happy New Year!


Outdoor Decor ~ Top Chef.season 9.San Antonio

Outdoor Decor ~ Over-sized 16" latex.Home Party

Outdoor Decor ~ Company Anniversary.Holt

Outdoor Decor ~ Company Picnic.Maxim

Over-sized, 16" latex

Theme: Patriotic

Patriotic theme ~ Birthday.Northern Hills Country Club

Prom ~ Purple, Pale Blue, Lime Clouds

Client: Rackspace

Rainbow ~ LGBT Pride Parade

Rose theme ~ Wedding

Balloon Sculpture: Animals

Balloon Sculpture: Cartoons and Characters

Balloon Sculpture: Females

Balloon Sculpture: Males

Balloon Sculpture: Guests at a Party

Balloon Sculpture: Logos

Balloon Sculpture: Objects, Miscellaneous

Balloon Sculpture: Christmas, Winter


Sea ~ "Finding Nemo"

Sea ~ Birthday at Home for Young Girl

Sport ~ Basketball.NBA & WNBA 

Sport ~ Basketball.Company Dinner

Sport ~ Bowling Party

Sport ~ Football.Texas Longhorn

Scrambles and Squiggles

Squiggles ~ First Birthday

Squiggles ~ Fran Bowl

Squiggle ~ Embellishes Centerpiece

Starburst.Long Skinny Balloons

Starburts ~ Homecoming

Theme: Stars

Star ~ Prom 

"Shoot for the Stars" ~ Graduation

Star theme ~ Company Dinner.Rackspace

St. Patrick's Balloons

Stuffed Balloon

1st Birthday ~ Scrapbooking & Squiggles

16th Birthday ~ Zebra theme

30th Birthday ~ Summit Christian Center 

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day ~ Corazones Dance for Seniors

Valentine's Day ~ Daddy/Daughter Dance

Valentine's Day ~ Wedding

"Wizard of Oz" theme ~ Homecoming

"Wizard of Oz" theme ~ Daddy/Daughter Dance

"Wizard of Oz" theme ~ Balloon Arch

Wild about Reading ~ School Carnival

World theme ~ Prom

Zebra & Diva theme ~ Birthday Party @ Home

Zumbathon ~ Party in Pink

Orange theme ~ 15th Birthday

Zebra theme ~ 16th Birthday

Classic Decor: Arch, Cluster-style, Medium

Classic Decor: Arch, Cluster-style, Small

Classic Decor: Arch, Pearl-style

Classic Decor: Arch, Rainbow

Classic Decor: Arch, Serpentine-style

Classic Decor: Centerpiece, Evolution

Classic Decor: Column, Duplet-style

Classic Decor: Jumbo Round

Classic Decor: Trees


"Team of Two" ~ Grand Opening.Cinco Vodka

"Team of Two" ~ Graduation.Golden Knights

 "Team of Two" ~ Breakfast at Kennedy's

"Team of Two" ~ First Birthday.Monster theme

"Team of Two" ~ Honeybees theme.Awards Dinner

"Team of Two: ~ Quinceanera

"Team of Two" ~ Reunion.Alamo Heights

Balloon Florists