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Professional Brand Qualatex! Natural and Biodegradeable, an 11-inch balloon filled with helium will float 18-24 hours indoors! (Most Party Store brands this size float 8 hours).  Click to order online.  ...use the back arrow to return to this page. Scroll down to see Special Prices, Advice and Suggestions!

 D-I-Y "Decorate-it-Yourself"

SPECIALS!    Call Office (210) 820-3164.
, retail $2.50-2.75 each
30 @ $1.65 = $49.50
50 @ $1.65 = $82.50
100 @ $1.65 = $165.00

9-inch, retail $1.85-2.15 each

37 @ $1.35 = $49.95

50 @ $1.35 = $67.20

100 @ $1.35 = $135.00

16-inch, retail $6.30-6.55 each
9 @ $5.55 = $49.95
25 @ $5.55 = $138.75
50 @ $5.55 = $277.50

24-inch, (by special order, please pre-pay 7 days in advance)
1 @ $27.50 = $27.50
3 @ $21.50 = $64.50

36-inch, retail $45.00 each
1 @ $41.00 (includes Balloon Sand Weight)

$4.50 Balloon Sand Weight with Twisty to anchor groups of 30-50 11-inch balloons.

When the order is 150 or fewer balloons (11-inch size), balloons are delivered pre-inflated with ribbon attached in groupings of 30-50 balloons. The groupings are attached to existing chair or table legs or railings with a slip-knot. The prices ABOVE do NOT include install or decorating service...the following do!

100 balloons decorated: $215.00

*To the above prices add: Delivery: from $18.50; Parking Fee: $20.00 (Downtown); Sales Tax: 8.25%
Delivery time frame with-in 2 hours, during the hours of 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (example 9-11 a.m. or 1-3 p.m.). Exact-time or Early (before 8 a.m.) or Late (after 6 p.m.): from $53.50

9-inch: float 9-12 hours indoors. Use for a Funeral Release, Morning Meeting, Children's Birthday Party (or any 2-hour event)
11-inch: float 18-24 hours indoors. Use for special events like a Prom, Homecoming, Graduation, Convention, Trade Show, Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, Wedding, Reunion, etc.
16-inch: float 30+ hours indoors.
Three times the size of an 11-inch.
36-inch: float 3+ days indoors.

Here I am comparing a 16-inch to an 11-inch balloon (larger than my head). Jewels are transparent.
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Neon: We do not carry Neon balloons ...but, we can special order them for you. We need 10 days notice. Upcharge is $6 for up to 100 balloons.
Neon: These balloons are VERY pastel. When a black light is used, they have a "glowing" or neon appearance (great for a "Hippie-Peace-'60s event). If you need BRIGHT neon colors, we suggest Oranges, Limes, Magentas or Wild Berry, Yellows in the Fashion or Jewel styles.
Pearl and Metallic: These balloons float up to 18 hours indoors (6 hours fewer than the Jewels, Standards, and Fashions).
Pearl and Metallic: Cost a little more - add $6.00 per 100 pieces.
Pearl and Metallic: NOT recommended for outdoors!
Transparent: You can see-through Jewel style balloons.
Opaque: For a solid appearance, choose any style but Jewel :)
Hi-Float: is a balloon treatment. It is clear and gel-like. It coats the interior of the balloon and keeps the helium in longer....which means 11-size balloons will float 3+ days indoors. Additonal cost of 50 cents per balloon (for trade shows that are more than one day or install is the day before).
Outdoors: Balloons are not guaranteed if used outdoors because of: Mother Nature (wind, sun, rain); Abrasive Surfaces (trees, brick walls, grass, pavement). They DO provide great color. Keep it simple...think "clusters" because the breeze will make them spin and cluster anyway. Choose lighter colors...they last longer. Dark colors retain heat...which expands the size of the balloon. For example, after an event on a 100-degree day, most of the Red and White survived...but almost ALL the Dark Blue balloons had broken.
Because of our humidity (oxidation makes the balloons "frosty"), we do not recommend using: Diamond Clear (looks like a foggy window or frosty mug); or Onyx Black (looks like an old tire).
Balloons are available in many sizes.
The larger the size, the MORE helium is inside, the LONGER they will float.